Weather/ Rescheduling

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Louisburg Rec has implemented the following guidelines to provide participants with a standard of safe play.  Decisions on games will be determined by referencing area weather reports, local radar and the National Weather Service.  

In the event of a weather cancellation or a game postponement a text alert will go out via the Remind notification system.

If the Louisburg School District cancels school for inclement weather the LRC games and practices will also be cancelled.

Cold weather policy-The LRC will take into account the air temperature and the  wind chill when modifying or canceling games.

If temperatures are below freezing for morning games the start times may be reassigned.

If the windchill is between 32 degrees and 45 degrees the game times will be shortened.

Flag football will play two 15 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime.

U8 soccer will play two 15 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime.

U10, U12 will shorten halves by 10 minutes with a 3 minute halftime.

U14 will shorten halves by 15 minutes with a 3 minute halftime.

U5 and U6 soccer may reschedule games to another day and time as referees are not required.

Players are encouraged to wear hats, gloves and additional clothing under the uniform to provide protection from the cold.

Heat index policy-Coaches are encouraged to take extra steps to protect their players by keeping them hydrated.  In baseball and softball catchers will not be allowed to catch more than two innings in succession if the heat index is above 97 degrees.  

If the heat index is 105-110 scheduled games and practice will be reduced by 15 minutes.

If the heat index is over 110 games and practices will be postponed until the heat index is below 110.

Lightning-The LRC director and sport supervisors are equipped with weather radar.  If lightning is detected within 10 miles game officials will clear all fields and place all games on a 20 minute delay. After 20 minutes the Director and/or supervisor will determine is another 20 minute delay is needed.  If a third delay is required a decision will be made by the Director and the sport supervisor whether to continue the delay or cancel the game.

Rescheduling policy-

For soccer and flag football the games will typically be rescheduled for the following day.  If that is not possible every attempt will be made to reschedule the games with the date and time TBA.  

For baseball and softball games we will reschedule league games when possible.

The above are guidelines and it is the responsibility of parents to make the ultimate decision as to the participation of their child in Louisburg Rec events.