About LRC

The Louisburg Recreation Commission is committed to serving our community by developing and maintaining programs for all ages and abilities.  It is the goal of the LRC to provide quality programs that

  • allow for the development of physical and social skills
  • to explore new and exciting recreation opportunities for all age groups
  • and to consider the needs and desires unique to Louisburg residents.

Our quickly budding population of young families to Louisburg means a growing need for recreation opportunities that inspire people to Stay and Play right here in the heart of Miami county.

An active recreation program enhances a sense of community while organized youth, adult and family activities instill personal confidence and encourage lifelong relationships.

The leadership provided by our skilled Director, Diana Moore, as well as our experienced community activists that create our Board of Directors is critical for the success of our mission!

Diana Moore

Executive Director
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Rena Bila

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Brock Elliott

Board Member
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Greg Prettyman

Board Member
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Becki Madison

Board Member
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Karin Olson

Board Member
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Bradey Ewy

Board Member
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